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Nicotine 3.0 - Next Level Satisfaction

WholeNic delivers the most satisfying vape experience ever. This is thanks to cutting edge technology which delivers all the things your brain craves while removing everything from smoking that causes harm. WholeNic contains ALL of the feel-good chemicals found in cigarettes, not just nicotine.

Whenever people try a healthier way to get nicotine, they almost always say ‘there’s just something missing’. People can’t put their finger on what it is, but they just know it’s not the same. This is the game-changer WholeNic represents. Because we include ALL the feel-good chemicals, there is nothing to miss. Welcome to the next generation – the pinnacle of e-liquid technology. There’s nothing you crave that’s left behind, and nothing to do you harm that’s carried across.

WholeNic’s included ‘nicotinic alkaloids’ work in harmony with nicotine to change the way it feels. It also increases the length of time you feel satisfied, the depth of that satisfaction, as well as the relaxation which accompanies the stimulation nicotine provides. WholeNic delivers all the ‘missing bits’ that other smoking alternatives don’t give you.

Welcome to the new generation!

If you’re an existing smoker or dual user, you can try WholeNic® with our risk-free money back guarantee.
WholeNic® will satisfy as promised or we’ll give you your money back.

Try WholeNic® and cut the smoke - not the pleasure

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