FAQs - Nicotinic Alkaloids, Whole Tobacco Alkaloids,
WholeNic e-liquid & more

Standard e-liquid only contains nicotine, which is a stimulant. Standard e-liquids do not contain all of the other feel-good chemicals that make tobacco pleasurable, called minor alkaloids.WholeNic® contains full-spectrum tobacco alkaloids in the same proportions as a cigarette, so you can cut out the smoke and cut the harm – without sacrificing pleasure.

How do I consume WholeNic®?

Initially, WholeNic® is offered for vaping, in premixed flavours and at various nicotine strengths. Unflavoured WholeNic® e-liquid is also available for those who prefer to vape without any added flavours, or for use in shortfills.WholeNic®’s initial focus on vaping is because vaping is the most successful method for stopping smoking, findings backed up by the UK GovernmentCancer Research UK and the Royal College of General Practitioners. Nonetheless many vapers continue to smoke, and according to Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) for most smokers vaping is not as satisfying as cigarettes.

What WholeNic® strength should I use?

Every vaper will have a personal preference of e-liquid strength. We have a range of e-liquids in a variety of WholeNic® strengths to suit all vapers.Inhalation style makes a big difference when vaping compared to smoking. Many vapers start with high nicotine strengths then move to lower strengths as they become more used to the inhalation technique of vaping.As a starting point we would recommend trying 20mg WholeNic® Salt as this is smoother at higher nicotine strengths, providing fast satisfaction similar to a cigarette.

Are your e-liquids tested?

All WholeNic® products undergo rigorous testing in certified labs, and are manufactured in specially designed cleanrooms in ISO certified, EU registered and GMP facilities. All of our products are MHRA registered and we test for harmful compounds (such as TSNAs) at PPB (parts per billion) levels. Our products are completely free from these carcinogens, and also free from residual solvents.

Is vaping safer then smoking?

There is no doubt that vaping is much safer than smoking.Public Health England state vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking, at least 95% less harmful, and of negligible risk to bystanders. Cancer Research UK is supporting vaping in the fight against smoking related diseases. The NHS are ‘developing vaping policies that maximise the potential of e-cigarettes in supporting smokers quit’. Nonetheless, vaping cannot be considered 100% safe – we would never encourage a non-smoker to use WholeNic®. WholeNic® is a reduced harm alternative to smoking but like all vape products it isn’t completely risk free.

What are the ingredients in WholeNic® e-liquids?

Our e-liquids are made of four main ingredients. Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), approved flavourings, and WholeNic® Nicotinic alkaloids. Individual ingredients are stated on each pack.

Should I choose WholeNic® Salt or regular WholeNic®?

In summary, if you’re new to vaping we’d recommend WholeNic® Salt in a pod device. This provides the fastest, most cigarette like nicotine ‘hit’ and is likely to satisfy your cravings in an immediate manner. Additionally, Pod devices are easy to use without the need to fiddle about with tanks and batteries.In general, the choice between WholeNic® Salt or Original is a matter of personal preference, and all WholeNic® products are designed to work in any tank or pod device. In general, WholeNic® Salt is designed for use in pod devices and low powered e-cigarettes. Higher powered devices tend to work best with regular Wholenic®.WholeNic® salt has a smoother throat-hit than regular WholeNic® at equivalent strengths. For low powered devices salt allows satisfaction without clouds of vapour being produced.Many users prefer high powered devices, which produce larger clouds at lower strengths. For these users lower strength regular WholeNic® will provide smooth throat hit and more intense flavour delivery.Basically: it’s up to you!

What are Nicotinic Alkaloids?

Nicotinic alkaloids, sometimes referred to as “Whole Tobacco Alkaloids” (WTA’s), are the naturally occurring chemicals in tobacco that have an effect on your brain. Some of these feel-good chemicals prolong the effects of nicotine. Others have calming properties, offsetting the stimulant effects of nicotine alone.In short, they work with nicotine to provide the stimulation, relaxation and satisfaction smokers enjoy.Nicotine itself is a stimulant. Vapers using standard e-liquid often report that it can cause issues sleeping, similar to drinking coffee late at night. Instead of a pure stimulant effect we set out to recreate the same satisfaction, de-stressing and relaxing sensations only gained, until now, from smoking.WholeNic is the only e-liquid product in the world to contain all the feel-good chemicals found in cigarettes, while extracting and eliminating all the chemicals which cause harm.

Is WholeNic® the same as Whole Tobacco Alkaloids (WTA)?

There are 2 main differences between WholeNic® and WTA.The most important difference is the alkaloid content and distribution. WTA has the alkaloid content of tobacco leaf, however cigarettes are highly processed products and have a very different alkaloid profile. To make WholeNic® we begin with WTA, then use specially developed processes to recreate the alkaloid profile of a cigarette. No other e-liquid in the world does this.Another difference is cost and availability. The purpose of creating WholeNic® was to create a true replacement for the feeling of smoking. It improves massively on existing WTA e-liquids both in terms of quality and cost.Existing “true” Whole Tobacco Alkaloids are only available in limited amounts at very high price points. We have developed special processes that allow us to produce a superior product with only a small price difference compared to other e-liquids.

What are TSNA’s?

Tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) are one of the most important groups of carcinogens in tobacco products, particularly in cigarettes.WholeNic® is tested by accredited labs and is free from TSNA’s.

Is WholeNic® the same as NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco)?

No. “NET” is just a flavour. WholeNic® is a new technology that focusses on the feel-good chemicals instead.Naturally Extracted Tobacco, or NET e liquids are liquids that use tobacco extracts for flavouring. Furthermore, NET liquids still contain small particles of organic matter, which you will not find in our products. NET e-liquids are simply natural tobacco flavours.WholeNic® is derived from tobacco, but extracts all the feel-good chemicals instead. The flavour of WholeNic® is almost as flavourless as standard nicotine, allowing WholeNic to work well with fruit, menthol, mint and tobacco flavours. Many more exciting flavours will be available soon.

Why is WholeNic® darker than standard nicotine? Is it oxidised?

WholeNic® appears darker than standard nicotine because some minor alkaloids are a dark red colour, making WholeNic® appear darker than standard nicotine. This does not affect performance.WholeNic® is not oxidised. All batches are tested by accredited labs, and oxides have not been detected. If oxides were detected we would reject the batch for not meeting our strict quality requirements.In fact, many people remark on just how much longer their coils last with WholeNic® eliquids, compared to many other e-liquids on the market.

Is WholeNic® more addictive than standard nicotine?

Current research suggests that full spectrum tobacco alkaloid e-liquid is not likely to be more addictive than standard e-liquid. Research shows that if you add only a handful of minor alkaloids to nicotine, it can increase addictiveness. However, the research shows that full-spectrum alkaloids are not more addictive, as some minor alkaloids appear to have anti-addictive properties. It is also better tolerated with fewer side effects at higher doses than standard nicotine, making it a god-send for heavy smokers.

What if I don’t like it?

We are so confident that you’ll find using WholeNic® is as enjoyable as smoking that we offer a full, no quibble, money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase please get in touch and we’ll make things right. See our terms here.